Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Photos: ETs (English Teachers) in Other Lands

All over the world there is a serious interest to learn and master the English language. Therefore, native speakers and English language teachers are recruited and sentto serve in such places which really lack even the most basic of educational facilities such as a proper school, furniture and electricity.
My conclusion after viewing such pictures is to appreciate what we have and to make full use of all the facilities that our government and the school authorities have provided.

Here's some revealing pictures of schools in less developed countries.

An African teacher teaching in the open.

Hopeful students in Kenya.

A classroom in Guinea Bissau.

A classroom of female students in Afghanistan.

A classroom in Kenya.

Students learning in Indonesia.

An Indonesian teacher in action.

A Kenyan teacher teaching his student.

A western teacher guiding an African teacher.

A student studying without a desk.

Teacher Wendy teaching in Kimmu, Kenya

A refugee camp in Africa.

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