Saturday, April 16, 2011

Video: A Touching Video About Family or Last Wish Before Dying

Dear All,

Attached below is a touching Thai language video advertisment with clear English subtitles which I've downloaded from YouTube.

It can be used as a warmer or enrichment for topics concerning the family or last wish before dying.

What other ways can this video be used for? Comments are welcomed below.


Rodney Tan

Monday, April 11, 2011

News: Better Reading Through Writing

 Better Reading Through Writing

By Nora Fleming

One way to improve students’ reading skills is to work on their writing skills, according to a report from the Carnegie Corporation.

“Teaching writing not only improves how well students write, it also enhances students’ ability to read text accurately, fluently, and with comprehension,” the report, titled “Writing To Read,” states. “In particular, having students write about a text they are reading enhances how well they comprehend it.”

According to the researchers, the most effective strategies for using writing as a vehicle to improve reading skills include having students write on the subjects they read about, having students participate in writing exercises frequently for practice, and teaching students about the structure of written work.

The report emphasizes that reading and writing are related communication skills, linked as cognitive processes in the brain. In writing about a text, a person becomes a better reader as he or she has a means for recording, connecting, analyzing, personalizing, and manipulating key ideas.

Vol. 04, Issue 02, Page 9