Monday, March 26, 2007

Humour: Other Bloopers

These are errors that will definately cause side splitting laughter. It's a continuation of the formal letter errors. Enjoy!


Other Bloopers:

Why you should hire me for the job of counselor/ sports instructor/ cooker/ bodyguard (yes, bodyguard) etc.:

My English is very well and I can speak fluently with public.

As a counselor in camps abord, I was practicing my English which it very good now.
I have a chemist with the children.

I love children in all of my hearts.

I know speaking English in highly level.

Ecksept for my wonderful personality ,charisma and the love for the United Nations of America, I've graduated with honor from the University of Mississippi (spelled 100% correctly) and the university of life .

I've seen it all from China, to India and the USA puts them all in her back pocket.

And my favorite so far:
First of all, I have a PhD in psychology from Harvard University, and might I say, I graduated top of the class.

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