Monday, March 26, 2007

Humour: Formal Letter with Errors

Below is a formal application letter for the post of a camp counsellor. The errors are taken from a number of these letters and compiled for your laughing pleasure. Enjoy!

We can use this letter to help our students understand grammar and word collocations better.


Dir John:

Hello! Hi! Hey!

I would like to apply myself to the job. / I would like to offer myself for the job / I would like to suggest myself to the job. / I would like to nominate myself for the office of counselor.

I am a suitable candidate. I am a 20 year old gay.

I'm interested in the sports instructor you are offering.

My age is 17 years old. In spite of my early age, I would like to be a counsel at your camp.

I consider myselfs feet for the job for some reasons:I am a birth cooker.

I know the basic of cooking. I always cook square meals for my family.

I have a special fond for children. Overmore, I will give a lot of prices for the kids.

I can keep a stiff upper lip and I am very reflexible.

And the most very important reason is that I can do the job on the best side.

I am a qualified candidate. Nevertheless, I know English.

No matter what I write you, you won't believe me.

I extremely hope that you will hire me.



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