Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Professional Development Opportunity: Honeywell NASA Educators@SpaceCamp 2011 in USA

Dear All,

This is a chance not to be missed because I was successful and have gone for a completely FREE fantastic professional development opportunity that most teachers could only dream of.

Although I am an English teacher, I have taught English for Science and Technology and was successful in coaching my students to win second placing in a regional paper plane contest. Those activities probably helped me to clinch a place for the scholarship.

You just have to fill up an online form and answer 3 short questions on your teaching and plans after attending the Space Camp. You must be able to convince the selectors of your passion, achievements and plans in relation to space science.

Details are below. All the best for those who are trying this year.

Don't forget that the closing date 31 December 2010 is drawing close!

Rodney Tan
Honeywell Educators at Space Academy - APPLY NOW!

Team Kibo - my team of 18 teachers from the US, Malaysia, Mexico & Morocco.

Standing in front of a full stack Space Shuttle that was actually used for training.

The Educator Resource Centre for NASA in Huntsville, Alabama

Standing in front of an exact replica of the Saturn V rocket that successfully took men to the moon.

My water rocket team consisting of an African American, a descendant of the founders of the Mormons, a Baba Chinese and a Mexican senorita.

Holding an actual spacesuit used in the Apollo Mission to the moon-cost US$3 million each at that time.

The Honeywell Hometown Solutions Scholarship is now taking applications for the 2011 Honeywell Educators at Space Academy. The application deadline is December 31, 2010. To find out more about the program, to the following site:  or  or

The scholarships include: * Tuition for the 5-day Space Academy program at U.S. Space Camp in Alabama * Round-trip airfare * Meals and double occupancy accommodations * Workbooks and program materials for participating teachers

Honeywell Educators at Space Academy is an incredible professional development experience! This 5-day program is sponsored by Honeywell and is for middle school math and science teachers from around the world to come and participate in 45 hours of intensive classroom, laboratory and training time, focusing on space science and space exploration. Teachers also take part in astronaut-style training and simulations, as well as activities designed to promote life-long learning in a classroom setting. All lessons and activities link to National Science and Math Standards and are ready to use in the classroom.

You will participate in two simulated Space Shuttle Missions. You can be the Pilot, Commander, Flight Director, or Mission Specialist, or a variety of other positions. Your team will work together to achieve the objectives of the mission, whether it is completing a satellite repair, or construction on the ISS. You may be responsible for solving a problem through experimentation or creating a solution with your teammates. The mission experience is realistic, exciting and challenging! Not only is the Honeywell Educators at Space Academy an exciting professional development experience, it will also challenge you personally.

Each team of 16 teachers is lead by a counselor who has attended our program and is a classroom teacher. Lodging will be at the University of Alabama in Huntsville located near the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.


  1. I've been reading your blog for a while now. keep up the good work and I am pretty jealous of your trip there.kudos!

  2. Hi teacher-to-be k233,

    Thanks for following my blog and thanks for the compliment.

    You can apply for this rare opportunity and who knows, you may be selected. I tried applying 3 times within 5 years before I was successful.

    There are many other such opportunities but you need to be patient and network with likeminded teachers.

    All the best!