Sunday, December 19, 2010

Newspaper Write Up: My Honeywell NASA Educators@SpaceCamp 2010 Experience

Here's the cut out of the write up that The New Straits Times 'Learning Curve' did on my recent experience at the Honeywell NASA Educators@SpaceCamp 2010.

Online Version:

I would like to encourage all teachers (not only from Malaysia) to apply for this once in a lifetime opportunity to be at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Centre to experience astronaut training and how to incorporate NASA developed Space and Flight educational materials into our teaching.

It's a really fun experience of learning and networking with teachers from all over the world and the USA. On the last night we had a fantastic dinner, dance with live music right under an actual Saturn V rocket in the Davidson Space and Flight Centre.

All the best!

Rodney Tan

P.S. Please click on the picture to enlarge it. I had to remove my spectacles so that they don't fly off  as this multi-axis trainer spins in all directions!

Cutting from the New Straits Times 'Learning Curve' Sunday 12/12/2010

Online article of the article
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