Thursday, December 2, 2010

Poem: But A Child

Dear All,

Discipline of a child is an important factor in any learning. Without discipline a child may learn facts but not values.

The key to discipline is making the child realise the consequences of each action.

Below is a poem which I like about discipling a child.

Rodney Tan
But A Child

I am but a child

whether big or small.

I don't always obey the rules

or even know them all.

But please be patient with me.

I'm really truly trying.

It's just sometimes my energy

makes my feet and mouth go flying!

I am growing up so fast

and going through such changes.

It seems as if 'most every day

my whole world rearranges.

I need your help to be my best,

We're family you know.

So if I'm getting out of line

please kindly tell me "no."

-- Susan L. Gordon

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