Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Idea: Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Celebration Activities

Dear Readers,

As Britain celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth's reign, the country momentarily forgets its economic problems and join in the festivities.

The pictures below gave me ideas that can be used in our ELT lessons.

Elicit from students:
-What they know about the British monarchy and their own country's royalty, if they have any?
-What are the roles of the monarchy?
-Why do some countries maintain their royalty and why others do not? 
-How are the people in the UK celebrating the Queen's Golden Jubilee?
-Why do people celebrate their royalty's birthday or reign?

Discuss with students what they wish as they grow old? 
What wouldn't they want to be  when they are old? 
How do they honour the old and their aging parents? 
What will happen to them physically, emotionally and relationally as they age?
What do they think of holding celebrations to honour the contributions of senior citizens? 
Why do we remember important events in one's life?
What celebrations would the students liked to be celebrated in their life? 
How would you like people to remember you?
If you are a king or a queen, what are some of the things you will to do for your country and people?

Describe the royal couple today.
Compare the physical description of the the royal couple based on the picture given.
If I were a king/queen, what will I do for my country?

Hope that those ideas would get us going as we used this unique event for our classroom.

Rodney Tan

P.S. Most of these pictures are taken from the Love UK Facebook.

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