Thursday, June 7, 2012

Idea: Cartoon Strip - The Wheels of Life

Dear ETs,

From the moment we are born till our death, we seem to be transported on wheels.

The comic strip below is a humourous look at the various forms of transport that we get ourselves into at different ages of our life.

Some ideas I had was a discussion on various modes of transport, life and death, stages of a person's life and why do people choose different transportation at different stages of life.

Students can contruct sentences with structures such as "When I was _____ years old, I rode/drove (on) a _________ ." or "When I am _____ (age), I will ride/drive _____________ (transport)."

As a writing exercise, students can describe the various stages of life and what they are able to do.

This picture series can be cut up and students rearrange the pictures in the correct order. It will be a great warmer or enrichment activity.

What are some other ideas that we could do from this comic strip?

Comments and suggestions are welcomed.

Rodney Tan Chai Whatt


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