Friday, January 29, 2010

Free eBook: For Want of A Better Word by Steven Pinker

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Below is the write up and link to download the free ebook which is in the PDF format. This book is a brilliant and fun read about the eccentricities of the English Language--it's also great as a teaching resource and knowledge book about English words. It's a only 4+MB download and has a mere 33 pages.


Rodney Tan


For Want of a Better Word
publication date: Sep 12, 2009

'A visual, verbal and intellectual delight.' - Steven Pinker. English is a wonderful language. It’s also notoriously difficult to learn. How do you make sense of a language in which you can think green, see red, feel blue and go grey all at the same time? Where farmers produce produce and chaps wear chaps? With warm wit and a remarkable visual style, For want of a better word celebrates the quirks and eccentricities of the world’s most popular language and proves that while it may be difficult to learn, you can find an expert almost anywhere. Even on this website. Using fantastic language and great graphics it explores the reasons why English is such a hard language for someone to become highly proficient in. Read it for fun or use it as a great English teaching resource and do please send it to your friends and encourage them to get involved too. For Want of a Better Word is a call to action created for Languages Out There by Jaime Diskin and Jae Morrison. They are two advertising creatives based in the UK and love the way we teach and encourage language learners to interact with fluent and native speakers to help them practice their speaking and listening skills. We hope to get the book published in hard copy soon but for now you will have to enjoy this free digital version. To become part of the Out There movement and start helping people everywhere to speak English more proficiently for a lot less money (and make a few good friends at the same time) and see how you can become part of a new way to teach and learn the English language.


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