Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dear All,

Just got this poem from the comments section of a brilliant TED Talk.

The point made was that news from the media is normally one-sided and is negative because "bad news sells". But what about the other side of the news?

Anyway enjoy this poem that made me think and smile because I agree with its observation.

Rodney Tan
Joy today

Looked at the papers the other day
Wondered what joy they had to say
They spoke of a mother of the child neglected
But not of those that are protective

Told of hoodies running around
But never a child"s beautiful sound
Raged of M P"s and expenses
Missing out some work for many

I read of war so cold and bloody
Though not a word of somewhere sunny
It looked at sportsmen that had failed
Losing sight of all those hailed

Heard of projects over spending
Little talk of how it's helping
Headlines full of Muslim bombers
No one talked of Allah's flowers

On and on the stories went
Nothing more than words of vent
Still tomorrow's another day
Wonder what joy they'll have to say

David Brown 2009

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