Sunday, November 13, 2011

Inspirational Teacher: The Ron Clark Story

Dear All,

Ron Clark is an unusual teacher with a passion and a mission to educate his students to love studying and to excel in their academic achievements.

This award-winning educator had been invited to the White House and appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

His achievements were recognised and he was awarded the Walt Disney Teacher of the Year.

He has travelled to schools and 49 districts in the USA, and also internationally.

An inspiring movie entitled "The Ron Clark Story" was made about him and it can be viewed in parts on YouTube.

He has written 2 New York Times bestseller entitled : "The Essential 55" and "The Excellent 11: tips about how to motivate, inspire and educate children".

Ron Clark had set up the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia in the USA. This school was primarily for fee paying student but most of them are actually on scholarship. But the main aim this special school was set up was to teach teachers his unorthodox methods that seems to be paying dividends in terms of the students love for learning and their above average academic and co-curricular achievements.

Below is the video from the CNN about this extraordinary teacher, his unusual methods and the school he had built in Atlanta.

Be inspired teachers as I have!

Rodney Tan

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