Friday, July 15, 2011

Talk: ESU Lecture - Prof. David Crystal

Dear Readers,

Please listen to this fascinating, witty and humorous talk on the development of the English langauge for the last 400 years.

The talk at an ESU gathering was given by eminient expert of the English language : Professor David Crystal.

Below is the brief write up of the talk and the link to the talk which is 56 mins long.


Rodney Tan

English-Speaking Union Lecture: Professor David Crystal

In the elegant surroundings of the English-Speaking Union, Professor David Crystal delivered a fascinating lecture about the relationship between the King James Bible and the ways in which aspects of the English language have evolved over the 400 years since 1611.

The presentation focused particularly on the impact of the King James Bible on idioms of the English language. The lecture explores ways in which the text has popularised so many well-known phrases and sayings found in everyday use.

This intellectual adventure ranges from the Bible text right through to Hollywood musicals.

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