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Views: Govt needs to commit to PPSMI for GTP to succeed

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Wednesday June 1, 2011

Govt needs to commit to PPSMI for GTP to succeed

THE Parent Action Group for Education Malaysia (PAGE) believes that the teaching and learning of science and mathematics in English (PPSMI) in national primary and secondary schools will address the acute shortage of scientists in the country.

It may also encourage more students to pursue a science career, where presently only 20% of students do, which in turn will tremendously boost the success of the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) and the nation’s aspiration to be a knowledge-based economy and high-income nation.

This will also allow Malaysia to effectively tap into the resources and expertise gained from the Global Science and Innovation Advisory Council the Prime Minister set up in New York last week.

Surely the exchanging of ideas, work collaboration and interaction would have been conducted in the English language.

It is this advancement in science and technology, creativity and innovation that will make Malaysia a developed nation by 2020.

For the country to achieve this, we have to ensure that the education system produces the desired quality of human capital with the scientific know-how to be able to capitalise on the expertise to be gained.

We should focus on producing home-grown scientists, not just for our own needs but beyond. Over time, we should be targeting a mutual scientific exchange with other developing countries, in English, of course.

While the Government demands creativity and innovation from its teachers, students and rakyat as a whole, here is an opportune time for the Cabinet to impose its own creativity in making the PPSMI option workable, innovative and a success story for the world to laud.

The Cabinet should commit to PPSMI for the GTP to succeed.


PAGE Chairman.

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