Saturday, May 21, 2011

Report: Melaka State Teacher's Day Celebration 2011

Hi All,

 I've just returned from the Melaka State Level Teacher's Day Celebration 2011.

It was held at the Merlimau Polytechnic College. Besides the usual awards for innovative teachers, there were 3 teachers who were recognised as the Melaka State Teacher of the Year.

The interesting thing that I've observed about the 3 recipients besides their outstanding contributions to education, was that they had received an English medium education in the late 50s and the 60s.

Hajah Hamidah bt Baba (ex-Director of the Translation Institut of Malaysia) was educated in Masjid Tanah Primary English School (1956-1958), MGS (1959-1963) and Malacca High School  (1964-1969).

Ahmad bin Mohamad Said (ex-Director of the Teacher Training Division) was educated in Jasin Primary English School (1957-1958) and ACS Melaka (1959-1963).

Haji Ab. Rasid bin Yaakop (ex-Director of the Textbook Division) was educated in Gajah Berang Secondary School (1963).

The first two personalities were educated in mission schools where English was the main medium of instruction while the last recipient studied in a government English medium school.

I am pleased to note the impact that the mission schools and an English medium education had on their successes and achievements.

Below is the cover of the programme booklet and the early education of the 3 personalities.

Rodney Tan

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