Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lesson Activities: Debate about the Nuclear Industry

Dear All,

The disaster that befell Japan is really heart breaking: being hit by a magnitude 9 earthquake, a devastating tsunami within minutes of the earthquake and the resultant damage to the nuclear power plants.

In Malay, there's a proverb which goes like this: "Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga" meaning having been struck down by a tragedy, but before one can begin to recover, one is struck down by another bad tragedy.

Anyway, the latest ETp or English Teaching Professional magazine had a spread on an English learning lesson about nuclear power plants.

Below are the activities for you to try out with your students.

Do provide any feedback.


Rodney Tan

P.S. Please subscribe to this magazine as it is a great and interesting resource for creative and quality lessons for our English language lessons. I've been a loyal subscriber for the last 7 years!
Website:  Click on the picture to get an A4 size picture.

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