Monday, November 8, 2010


‘Literacies for a Knowledge Society’

This year the MELTA National Literacies Day will be organised in collaboration with the Wawasan Open University. National Literacies Day 2010 marks the third consecutive year that Malaysian English Language Teaching Association (MELTA) will organise this event aimed at boosting and supporting literacies development in Malaysia. The National Literacies Day is a unique event that invites participation from schools, students, teachers, and parents to engage with multiple literacies through interactive workshop sessions.

Date: 27 November 2010 (Saturday)

Time: 9a.m. – 1p.m.

Venue: Wawasan Open University, Kuala Lumpur, 3rd Floor, Menara PGRM, Cheras.

Location Map :

For this event, workshops and seminars with interesting topics catering to different levels of participants will be conducted as follows:-

Categories Workshops

Lower Primary School Students Fun with English

Session 1:Story Playing through the Amazing Race

Session 2: Way With Words – Knockout Battle

Primary School Teachers Language Arts

Session 1: Language Arts - Drama

Session 2: Language Arts – Reading, Singing and


Lower Primary & Pre-school Teachers Developing Early Literacies

Session 1: Writing

Session 2: Reading

Secondary School Teachers Session: Technology for Teachers

Postgraduates (Individual Workshop) Session: Postgraduate Research Literacy Skills -

Thesis Writing

Fee charges (including refreshments):-

Rates:               Adult      School Student       Postgraduate        Technology
                                                                                                   for Teachers

Day                   RM60        RM50 - -
(2 workshops)
Individual Workshop          RM40 per session - RM50 (3 hours) RM50 (3 hours)

*MELTA members and children of MELTA members will enjoy a RM10 discount for each registration.*

National Literacies Day 2010 is now open for registration.

Hurry! Limited seats only, registration is on first come first serve basis only.

Closing date for registration: 20 November 2010

Contact MELTA at 03-89453137 or 017-6047490, Email or visit MELTA website at


I wish to register for National Literacies Day 2010. Enclosed please find Cash / Cheque / Money Order / Postal Order No. _____________ in payment of my registration fee of RM______.

Details of Participants

Name: ___________________________________

Affiliation: _______________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

Contact number: ___________________________ Email: _______________________________

Categories Day Individual Workshop (Please indicate which session)

Lower Primary School Students & Pre-schoolers (6 yrs old)

Primary School Teachers

Lower Primary & Pre-school Teachers

Secondary School Teachers

Postgraduates (Individual Workshop)


If you wish to register for more than 1 participant, please put down the details on a separate sheet of paper. Cash payments should be used only if you are paying in person. Postal payments can be made by crossed cheque/money order/postal order made payable to Malaysian English Language Teaching Association. Please include an extra 50 sen for cheques that are from outside Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley.

Date: ________________________ Signature_______________________

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