Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fun Activity: Break Up Letter

Dear All,

Attached below is a picture taken of a break up letter written in badly translated English. It makes perfect sense if it had been translated back into the Malay language. I suspect that it could have been translated using a machine translation (e.g. Goggle Translate).

The resulting translation is hilarious!

Anyway, it gave me an idea for a fun activity.

After reading the text, explain to the students that the Western boyfriend would not be able to understand what was written.

Instruct the students to correct the English and produce an acceptable version and present it to the class.

It can be an individual, paired or group activity.

This activity can also be used for the Form 4 Literature Component Poem entitled He Had Such Quiet Eyes or a hot afternoon class where you need something to stir the students up!

Enjoy and I'll really appreciate any feedback on my comments section below this writing.

Rodney Tan


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  1. agree with interesting piece for lead-in or follow-up activity for the poem